Anti-sludge AquaSwiss System
The 100% autonomous sludge remover

The Anti-sludge range can be used to treat all types of installations – private individuals, collectives, communities, industries. It is the most efficient stand-alone solution, allowing to get rid of all the problems related to the muddying of heating networks.

Pipe network muddying

The sludging of closed-circuit networks (heating, air conditioning) is a recurring problem in all types of installations.

It is characterized by water that is highly charged with black or brown matter. This sludge build-up is due in particular to network corrosion phenomena.

Systems sludging leads to many malfunctions such as: poor heat exchange, overheating problems, deteriorated energy efficiency, failure of control systems, etc.


Heating water will gradually decompose and will be characterized by the creation of very voluminous and anarchic sludge. Its structure is completely degraded. But it requires either maintenance, consumables or a complex installation.

The sludge remover has been designed to work :

  • Without the use of chemicals
  • Consumables or electricity
  • Maintenance and adjustment free
  • Indefinitely

The Anti-sludge is

By installing a sludge remover on the heating water circuit, we will restructure the water and make it more dynamic, allowing it to clarify itself naturally.

Every time as it enters the system, the water flow is subjected to a vortex effect.

The water will restructure and regain its self-regeneration capacities. The constituents of the sludge will disappear (reversal of an oxidation process towards a reduction process). The sludge phenomenon will be stopped and reversed, thus stopping the corrosion phenomenon and removing the sludge already naturally present.

Analysis results on water after installation of an anti-sludge system

Water samples from a private individual’s home, from a heating water circuit at 1 month interval.
1st sampling (the left photo): 07/11/2019
2nd sampling (the right photo): 09/12/2019

We can observe that the water, which is subjected to the Vortex effect as it passes through the anti-sludge, has been completely restructured and re-energized, allowing it to clarify itself naturally within a month.

Made in Germany

All our products are manufactured and tested in Germany, certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and Tüv Süd.

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Our products are guaranteed for 2 years, and we ensure a refund in case of proven non-functioning.

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AquaSwiss System develops products that are environmentally friendly.