Descaler AquaSwiss System System
The 100% autonomous descaler

The descaler range can be used to treat all installations – private individuals, collectives, communities, industries. More specifically in various sectors such as food production, wellness, light and heavy industry, agriculture, heating installations, etc.

Limestone & Corrosion

As a result of limestone, individuals, communities and industry are confronted by the following problems :

  • Premature wear of installations
  • Increasing energy consumption
  • Clogging and corrosion of water networks
  • Increased maintenance costs and increased breakdowns

Oxidation results in the creation of limescale (calcite) causing an anticipated deterioration of the elements in contact with the water and a malfunction of the installation (valves, thermostatic taps, circulators, etc.).

Descaler System

Today, there are many solutions to fight against limescale (softener, galvanic electrolysis system, magnetic system, CO2 system).

But they require either maintenance, consumables or a complex installation.

AquaSwiss System limescale removers are space-saving, easy to install and free from the usual constraints of the softener (very large floor space, electrical connections, water drainage, salt storage, etc.).

Hot water can be treated up to a temperature of 75°C.

The Descaler is

In order to avoid all these constraints, the descaler has been designed to work, while having an exceptional efficiency :

  • without electricity
  • ungrounded
  • salt-free
  • maintenance-free
  • without consumables or chemicals
  • without adjustments or rejects

The descaler is installed directly on the general cold water inlet. The cold water being treated, it supplies the hot water tank, enters the hot water network and ensures an optimal complete water treatment of the sanitary installation.

Made in Germany

All our products are manufactured and tested in Germany, certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and Tüv Süd.

Satisfied or Refunded

Our products are guaranteed for 2 years, and we ensure a refund in case of proven non-functioning.

100% Ecological

AquaSwiss System develops products that are environmentally friendly.