Water Treatment Leader

Present in Switzerland, AquaSwiss System has today an expertise in the field of natural water treatment circulating in open networks (installations on general cold water, hot water and circulation) and in closed circuits (heating, air conditioning and cooling networks).

The goal of AquaSwiss System is to, improve energy efficiency, preserve water resources, reduce chemical consumption and create significant savings for communities, industry and individuals.

Our Water Treatment Products


by physical process

The Descaler range treats cold and hot water circuits in a passive and natural way. It is the most economical, efficient and autonomous water treatment against limescale and scale.


by physical process

Anti-sludge system is the most efficient passive and natural solution, allowing to get rid of all the problems linked to the sludge build-up in heating networks. It is the most effective treatment against sludge.

Professional Expertise

AquaSwiss System markets products against limescale and sludge. Why use our products? Our technology solves the problems related to limescale and sludge formation that can be found in heating circuits, cold water due to the oxidation/corrosion of materials present in hydraulic networks. This can cause malfunctioning of the installations and additional financial costs both in terms of energy consumption and maintenance (boilers lifespan reduction, premature ageing of network elements in contact with the water, valves, circulators, thermostatic valves, etc.).

Made in Germany

All our products are manufactured and tested in Germany, certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and Tüv Süd.

Satisfied or Refunded

Our products are guaranteed for 2 years, and we ensure a refund in case of proven non-functioning.

100% Ecological

AquaSwiss System develops products that are environmentally friendly.


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