The foundations of the pure water philosophy

There is no doubt that water is one of the most important elements for life. With the ecological and climatic changes on Earth, the scarcity of pure water is highly perceptible.

Many scientists around the world are looking for technologies to purify and vitalize water.
The Austrian scientist Viktor Schauberger (1885 – 1958) used in his work as well as his inventions, the observations of natural environments more particularly those on water, of its strength but especially of the phenomena of Vortex in rivers and streams.
He discovered that water can only be optimally purified by turbulence. Vitalized water regains its original quality and therefore influences our health in a positive way.

Our systems integrated in our products consequently operate on the principles of water restructuring under the effect of a natural vortex phenomenon associated with a specific frequency.

Water treatment by physical process

The special patented design of the AquaSwiss System vitalizer, which reproduces this vortex phenomenon, makes the water swirl according to the “Schauberger” principle. This turbulence is modelled on a natural watercourse and significantly improves the water quality.

In our products’ systems, a vortex is formed only by the pressure of the water under the effect of a rotating movement (vortex).
The specific technology of our products allows to restructure the water molecule “H2O” giving a revitalizing action with an enrichment of oxygen which allows to maintain the physiological balance of the water.

*Wasseroberfläche = Water surface
*Fiußbett = Water bottom                 

Changes in the rotation of water in our systems are identical to changes in the direction of water in its natural environment such as waterway, rivers, streams.

Masaru Emoto was born in Japan. Doctor of alternative medicine, he has been conducting fascinating research on water for more than 20 years. The photos below of a water crystal from Dr. Emoto clearly show the improvement of the crystal structure of water, treated with the Descaler Process.
The water regains its original structure and qualities of spring water.

We can observe a clear difference between the two polymers: on the photo on the left, the water molecule chemically treated by a conventional water softener is destructured, we can see that on the photo on the right the water molecule maintains its physiological balance due to its environment stimulated by our products.

Water crystal treated with a water softener

Water crystal with a descaler

AquaSwiss System currently offers customers two types of products :

  • Natural descaler that treats problems concerning limescale.
  • Natural sludge remover that deals with problems related to the sludge build-up in closed circuits (heating, air conditioning).